Values.com is hosting a four week campaign about LOVE.  

Week four: February 23rd - March 1st
Why We Love
We’ll bring it all together this week and focus on why it’s important to love!

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Do ‘Mental Math’

Help your children practice their mental math skills all day, every day using these ideas from The Parent Institute: 

Lots of times, it’s less important to know the exact answer than to know the approximate answer. You don’t need to know exactly how much your burger and fries will be before you order – but you need to know if the $5 you have in your pocket will be enough to cover your bill.

Give yourself plenty of chances to do ‘mental math’. Sometimes, that means using numbers that allow you to do a problem in your head. It’s hard to add 18 & 29 quickly, but it’s easy to add 20 & 30. So your answer should be about 50.

In the fast food restaurant, your $1.89 burger would be about $2 and the $.99 fries would be about $1. That quick estimate would tell you it’s okay to order a soda.

Use estimating to check your answers
On a test, you don’t always have time to go back and check every answer. But you can estimate to see if any of your answers seem way off. If you’ve shown the sum of 17 plus 35 as 205, you’d better go back and do that problem again.

There’s more than one right way to get the answer.

Although there’s only one right answer to a math problem, there are sometimes several different ways to find that answer. Once you’ve solved a problem, ask yourself “How else could I get this answer?” As you think, you’ll actually become better at math.


Helping Children Tackle Word Problems in Math

Don’t let word problems scare you

Sometimes kids do well in math – until they have to solve word problems. Then they just freeze up. Relax – word problems are still just math problems. Here’s an easy five-step process that can help you solve any word problem.

STEP 1  The first thing you need to know is what the problem asks you to solve

STEP 2  Write down the information you need to solve the problem. A word problem will give you all the information you need to answer the question. (Of course, it may also include some extra information.)

STEP 3  Develop a plan to solve the problem. It may take one step or several. You might be able to use a diagram or a table to solve the problem. Have your plan clearly in mind before you start solving the problem.

STEP 4  Solve the problem. Make sure you check your plan so you don’t leave out any steps.

STEP 5  Check your work. Did you answer the problem completely? Reread the problem to see if your answer makes sense. Check your calculations to make sure you haven’t made a simple error.

From: The Parent Institute 


Think you’re ‘No good in math’?

Think again! Researchers have learned these three things about math ability:

Girls can do math.
In this country, lots of people believe boys have “natural” math ability. So it’s not surprising that boys often do better than girls in math. But in some countries, people believe girls are naturally better than boys in math. Want to guess who gets better math grades in those countries? The truth is that both boys and girls can do math.

Positive thinking works.
If you think you can do well in math, you usually will. You know that an “I can do it!” attitude helps in sports and in many other areas of your life. It works in the math classroom too.

Practice really does make perfect.

If you want to get better at pitching a curve ball or playing the trumpet, you practice every day. So why do people thin k it takes some sort of magic to do well in math? The “secret” isn't a secret – it’s practice, practice, practice. And how can you practice? Do your math homework – every day.

From: The Parent Institute 


Values.com is hosting a four week campaign about LOVE.  

Week three: February 16th - 22nd
How We Feel Love
It’s important to both give and receive love. Share with us what makes you feel loved: a handwritten note, a phone call, flowers?

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