11 September 2017

Change in School Picture Dates

School pictures will be taken on Friday, September 22nd and Friday, September 29 during physical education classes.  Flyers will be distributed to students today.  These dates are different than what is on the school calendar. Please contact the main office with any questions.

07 September 2017

At Merton Williams Middle School, we believe that homework holds educational value and benefits students as they further explore concepts and classroom learning.  The HCSD Board of Education recently updated the Homework Policy.  Please take a moment to review it.  If you have questions about the policy or practices at Merton Williams, please reach out to your child's teacher, counseor or administration.  We are happy to work with you to explain how we aim to meet the best practices for our students.  

Adoption Date: 2/24/2004, Revised: 6/27/2017 
8000 - Instruction

8441 Homework

The Board of Education of the Hilton Central School District acknowledges the educational value of homework as an adjunct to and the extension of the instructional program of our schools. High quality homework provides the opportunity for students to receive feedback and for teachers to inform their instruction.  This allows for ongoing assessment of student progress towards meeting learning standards.
Homework benefits students by reinforcing concepts, extending learning, and reflecting learning. Regular completion of homework assignments by students influences the development of habits of mind, time management, and organization skills.  When creating homework assignment teachers plan opportunities for students to be successful through equal access to resources, appropriate modifications, and flexibility as needed.
The following principles are to be observed:
  • Homework is important to learning and to developing good work habits.
  • Homework is a reflection of the student's learning.
  • Homework should primarily focus on the practice or extension of skills already learned.
  • Homework is relevant to the learning objectives.
  • Homework is differentiated so that the student can do it independently.
  • Homework feedback is timely so that it can inform instruction and assist the student in his/her next step.
  • Homework should never be used as a punishment.
  • The instructional purpose of each homework assignment is defined by the teacher.
  • Materials that support the acquisition of new skills or information must be at a level that students are able to comprehend independently.
  • Homework is not a daily expectation and is considered carefully by the teacher when assigned.
  • Considerations include:
o    Age/grade level
o    Developmental ability
o    Subject/course
o    Product/process
o    Long-term assignments
  • In general, homework should not exceed in total ten minutes per grade level per night. For example, a fifth grade student should have no more than 50 minutes nightly; a tenth grade student should have no more than 100 minutes.
  • The benefits gained from reading outside of the school are compelling. Reading for pleasure outside of school should be encouraged. Assigned reading outside of school is considered homework.

  • Teachers assign homework that students can complete independently.
  • Student are able work on the homework independently and complete homework in a timely manner.
  • Parents/Guardians assume the role of the facilitator. 
  • Parents/Guardians provide a place at home for students to do homework.
  • Parents/Guardians and/or students communicate to teacher(s) when students need additional homework support.

06 September 2017

Welcome Back

Our students are having an awesome first day of seventh and eighth grade!  Thank you for all you have done to make sure your child was prepared, organized, and ready for school today.  

Thank you to all the families who were able to attend our First Annual Back to School Celebration!  What a great way to start the day!  I hope you had time to mingle with parents while you cheered on the students.  

Check out our coverage from WHAM 13! 

05 September 2017

Dear Parents and Guardians:

The Hilton Central School District has implemented a visitor management system at all district schools as an added tool to enhance the safety of students and staff. Visitors to Hilton schools will need to show their government identification (i.e. driver’s license) before entering the buildings when school is in session. The ID will be scanned into a system that identifies sex offenders registered in all 50 states as well as custom databases set up by the district that contains custody alerts and banned visitors.
Once the ID is scanned, a label is printed out for the approved visitor with his/her name, photo, and the date/time and location of the visit. Visitors are asked to check out at the security desk and destroy their visitor badge upon leaving the building. If the visitor leaves with the badge, the ink has an expiration at which time it will bleed through making it unusable.
What is the system and who will be responsible for using it?
The Hilton School District is using the Raptor visitor management system, a web-based software application that is used by many school districts in the area. Youth assistants (security personnel) will be trained on the new system before school begins.
Why is Hilton CSD adding this system?
The Raptor system is another layer of added security for our students and staff. The system will track who is visiting our schools, warn us of visitors who may pose a danger and maintain a record of all visits. The visitor photo badges will further allow us to identify legitimate visitors in our buildings.
What data is scanned and saved? Is the data protected?
Raptor scans the visitor’s name, date of birth and photo only. The system uses multi-level safety systems to protect this data. Hilton CSD will only save the data scanned so as to maintain a record of visitors.
Which visitors will be scanned?
A visitor is any person who is not a Hilton CSD student or regular staff member. This includes parents of students, volunteers, alumni, contractors and delivery people. Any of these individuals wishing to enter a district building during business hours will need to be scanned and logged in as visitors. On duty police officers and emergency personnel responding to a call will not require scanning.
What if someone forgets his/her ID or refuses to have it ID scanned?
The visitor’s full name and date of birth will be entered into the system, and the visitor will need to be approved by a building administrator. On subsequent visits, the Raptor system will indicate to staff that a visitor was manually entered on a prior visit.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at 392-1000, ext. 7046 or dinzana@hilton.k12.ny.us.

David Inzana
Director of Safety and Security, Hilton School District

01 September 2017

Interested in Volunteering?

Please consider volunteering at  Merton Williams.  There are many opportunities.  If you are interested contact Jodie Barber-Burns at jbarberburns@hilton.k12.ny.us or call 585-392-1000 ext. 3097.

28 August 2017

Message from the Department of Learning through Technology

Dear Parents and Families - 

Welcome to the 2017-18 school year! The LTT Department has spent the summer adding inventory and preparing classrooms for student use. This year, we are going to focus our technology integration efforts on building student capacity in the ISTE Standards. The International Society for Technology in Education is a leading organization on K-12 technology integration focused on bringing relevant student skills to the forefront of instruction. For more information on ISTE and the 2016 Standards for Students please visit www.iste.org.    

If you are a parent of a student in our 1:1 initiative (grades 5-12), please go to the Cadet Webstore to enroll in our 2017-18 Protection Plan if you haven't already. The Webstore can be found on our district website in the Quick Links menu. Thank you! 


Dr. Michael Zaffuts
Learning Through Technology Director

Michael Zaffuts
Learning Through Technology Director
Hilton Central School District

Twitter: @HCSDLTT

24 August 2017

Drawstring backpacks available


Image result for drawstring backpack

18 August 2017

Welcome to Merton Williams Middle School!

Attention Merton Williams’ Parents and Guardians!

We would love for you to come to Merton Williams on the first day of school, September 6th at 7:00 AM to line the sidewalks, welcoming our students and wishing them good luck on a successful year as they enter the building. We will be serving refreshments to parents and guardians at 7:20 AM. If you are able to attend, please park across the road in the Village Elementary bus loop. 

16 August 2017

Calling all Minecrafters!

For the second year, Merton Williams students have the opportunity to take part in a Minecraft building contest sponsored by SUNY Pottsdam and the Nation Education Foundation. Teams of 3 to 4 students will participate in building challenges and compete with students from across the country. Last year, our group came in 3rd for their school spirit and state spirit build.

Please complete the following form if you are interested in being a part of a Minecraft Team.

Mrs. Boccuzzi-Reichert will reach out to students that are interested after the school year begins.

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Boccuzzi-Reichert at aboccuzzi@hilton.k12.ny.us

Click Here to Access Interest Survey

06 June 2017

iPad Pick-Up Date

Students will turn in their iPads during the week of June 12, 2017, during a core class that has been determined by their team.
Angela Boccuzzi-Reichert, Librarian

05 June 2017

Attention 8th Grade Parents - Newsletter from the High School

Greetings parents.

The last month of school is upon us and there is a great deal happening at HHS.  Please review this entire newsletter for important end-of-the year dates and information.  As always, please contact high school staff members directly if you have any questions.

Please check the exam schedule (included in this newsletter) and discuss study and review plans with your son/daughter to make sure he/she is as organized and prepared as possible.  Our final exam schedule starts Monday, June 12th and runs through June 20th.  Students will not have classes on those days and should only report to school when they have an exam.  As in previous years, bus transportation will be available and students should be signing up for busses in Assistant Principals’ offices on each floor.  Also, our food service does not serve breakfast or lunch during exam days, so students should plan accordingly.  Commons 2 will have limited vending available and students will be allowed to use that area to gather and eat food that they’ve brought in from home. 

I also want to remind parents of the importance of students being in attendance this time of year, including our seniors.  In most cases (full-year classes), 40% of a student’s grade for a course occurs in the 4th quarter.  With the last marking period and final exam counting 20% each, this is an important time to be in school and concentrating on academics.  Thank you parents for making sure your son/daughter comes to school each day prepared and ready to learn new information and review for finals.

June brings about many important and exciting activities and events; with final exams, banquets, and concerts to highlight a few.  However, none is as significant as our commencement ceremony for our graduating seniors on Saturday, June 24th at the SERC on the campus of SUNY Brockport.  Graduation is an entire district and community celebration, not just a high school event.  Commencement provides a time for us all to reflect on all that has gone into the thirteen years of school for each student.  To the parents of our graduating class of 2017, I say congratulations and thank you.  Your support, encouragement, and of course unconditional love has been the consistent element through all these years of schooling.  You deserve to be honored too!  

I would also like to offer my greetings to the parents of our current eighth graders; soon to be high school freshmen (Class of 2021).  We look forward to having your child at the high school and to meeting you very soon.  I encourage you to stay involved in your child’s education throughout the high school years and to visit our school often.  The school will be open all summer, please stop in and see us.  July and August will be busy months filled with preparations and plans to get ready to start another great year at Hilton High School in September.  Hilton HS will be the host of the 2017 BOCES Regional Summer School, so we will have students and staff in our school most of the summer.**

Thanks for supporting Hilton HS all year.  Have a great summer!

Brian Bartalo; Hilton HS Principal

**PLEASE NOTE:  9th Grade New Student Orientation is August 23rd, not the 24th as noted on the District Calendar. 

Last Day of School for 8th Grade - Wednesday June 21, 2017

8th Grade Celebration Day is on June 21st.   This is the last full day of school for 8th graders at Merton Williams.  

The purpose of 8th Grade Celebration Day:
  • ·         Provide students and staff one last day to enjoy each other’s company outside the formal classroom setting.
  • ·         Celebrate student accomplishments and bring closure to their middle school years by looking back and reflecting on their time at Merton Williams.
  • ·         Provide staff an opportunity to say goodbye and symbolically transition our students to the High School.

Students will come to school on their regular bus in the morning at the normal time.  The morning will be spent in our traditional field day activities that include classroom competition games, a talent show and viewing activity, and various outside activities. Students will have the opportunity to purchase frozen custard from Abbott's.  Ice cream tickets will be $2 and will be sold prior to this day.  

The next part of the day is team-based reflection on the students' two years at Merton Williams, school and team awards ceremony, and normal school lunch or bring your own. 

The final event of the day is a staff and student walk to LeBeau Field at the high school for a formal farewell message from me coupled with a welcome message from High School Principal Brian Bartalo.  Yes, we are literally taking your child from middle school to high school! (The walk will be well organized and your child will be supervised closely to ensure their safety.) 

After Mr. Bartalo speaks we will line up the entire class in a 2021 formation on the football field and take a picture which will be displayed at Merton Williams to commemorate their middle school years.   We will also give a copy to the high school so they can have a “before and after” 2021 picture for their senior year when the class will again have this picture taken.

Students will be dismissed from LeBeau Field at 2:00 p.m. where they will board their regular buses for the ride home.  If you are transporting your child that day, you can pick them up in the high school main parking lot near LeBeau Field.  If your child walks home from school and the walk is too far from the high school, please call or email Mrs. Greif and we will make arrangements for them to ride a bus.  Likewise, if your child is unable to walk to the high school because of injury or other special circumstance, please let us know and arrangements will be made to transport to the high school.

I know the temptation is there to allow your child to stay home on the last day because their academic responsibilities are complete, but I urge you to have your child attend school on 8th Grade Celebration Day so they can take part in one last day of middle school where the focus will be on the team and school community that they have been a part of the past two years!

The Class of 2021 has been a WONDERFUL class and I can speak for the entire staff when I say they will be greatly missed!  Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your child’s life the past two years and for all the support you have given Merton Williams as we helped your child on their journey from elementary to high school.

25 May 2017

STEM Summer Camp Opportunity for Middle School Girls (GRADES 5-8)


We are a female team of former Corporate Engineers finishing up our 5th year as NYS certified, STEM teachers at Allendale Columbia School in Rochester. 

In our efforts to encourage more young ladies to pursue the STEM disciplines, we are continuing to provide scholarships for some of the different robotics courses we teach each summer. For girls in the middle school grades (Fall 2017), we are offering scholarships for our VEX IQ Robotics, Navigation Engineering Camps. (Full course description and video provided on course link.)

While all interested students are required to apply for admission into this Summer STEM camp (as posted on the course webpage), we have a different application form specific to our girls' scholarship awards. A teacher recommendation is also required as part of this scholarship application process.

We have attached an INFORMATIONAL FLYER as well as our Summer 2017 SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION FORM and would appreciate it if you would kindly post and/or forward this information on to middle school girls interested in the STEM disciplines.

As an aside, we also select (female) Mechanical Engineering students, from several different universities, to receive college credit for interning with us throughout the summer months.

Many thanks!


Mrs. Sorrentino and Ms. Chaback, STEM Teachers

Sue Sorrentino, M.S. Computer Education
Executive Director, STEM / Engineering Education, K-8+

Donna Chaback, M.S. Education
Managerial Director, STEM / Engineering Education, K-8+

Vista Teach Instructional Services
Real World, Engineering Education for Young Minds
Phone: (585) 414-7170  |  Email: Sue@VistaTeach.biz 

23 May 2017

Hilton High School Orientation

Attention Parents of Students Entering Hilton High School in September, 2017

New Student Orientation will be held on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 23rd, FROM 8:00-11:00

*The District Calendar has it listed on 8/24. We apologize for the change.

Algebra Students/Parents End of Year Information

  • MOCK Exam available on May 31st:  2:15 - 5:00 (MIR).  Parent pick up by 5:00 required at pool entrance.
  • Students should refer to the teacher-provided calendar for the after school review sessions times/dates/place.  
  • All students are expected to attend the breakfast and review sessions the morning of the Algebra Regents Exam on June 13th.
  • Algebra Regents Exam - June 13, 2017 (12-3 pm) at the High School.

25 April 2017

Health Class Presentations this Friday

In seventh grade health class, your student is completing a unit on Tobacco, Alcohol and Drug use. During this unit, content focused on prevention, refusal skills, and current drug trends.

As you are aware, being a teenager and navigating through the pressures of growing up is not easy. Our kids need all the help they can get. To support that notion we are bringing in a guest speaker from our community to talk to our students about drug use. Prevention research suggests that when students hear similar messages from multiple sources, they are much less likely to engage in risky behaviors, including drug use. Scott Gibbs a beloved father, husband and Hilton community member has volunteered to come in to speak with our students here at Merton Williams. This year Scott tragically lost his son Marcus to a drug related incident. Scott will use his personal experience and story to address prescription drug use and abuse, and its connection to heroin use. Scott is, in his words, “committed to openly, and honestly honoring Marcus, in all his greatness and his flaws.” He will address the notion that addiction does not discriminate and will support students in finding their power to make positive, healthy choices that help them to avoid drug use.

We encourage you to take the opportunity to talk to your children about the content and the guest speakers’ visit on April 28th, 2017.  Should your child need additional support our counselors will be available. 

We look forward to an informative and thought-provoking visit with Scott and are encouraged that this will positively support our students in their personal decision-making process.  Please feel free to contact us with any further questions or concerns at 392-1000.

14 April 2017

NYS Math Assessment

On Tuesday, May 2nd, Wednesday, May 3rd, and Thursday, May 4th we will administer the NYS Mathematics Assessment to all students in grades 3-8. 

It is important to encourage your child to concentrate on during the assessment; however, it is just as important to assure him/her that promotion to the next grade level does not depend on the result of this assessment.  The NYS ELA and Mathematics Assessments are tools that help us assess how well students are achieving compared to other students of their age and grade level. In addition, it also assists us in identifying who may be in need of support services.

Please make every effort to ensure that your child is on time and in school during the NYS Assessments. Families can support their children by:
  • ·         Ensuring the student is well rested on the night prior to the assessments.
  • ·         Ensuring the student has access to a healthy breakfast either at home or at school on the days of the assessment.
  • ·         Ensuring the student’s everyday routines are normal and predictable at home.  The best thing that you can say or do is simply to remind your child to do his/her best.

Thank you for your support.  Results from the assessments will be mailed to families next fall.  

07 April 2017

Local Trips for 8th Graders in May

Information letters on local trips for 8th graders were mailed home last week.  Please return permission slips, behavior contract and money by April 13th to reserve your spot.

Thank you, Sally Littlefield, Local Trip Coordinator

30 March 2017

Cyber Safety for Your Middle School Child

Merton Williams Middle School has a strong commitment to supporting youth with technology and preparing them for the ever changing world that they will someday work in.  We continue to provide students with engaging, interactive technology resources which facilitate learning and communication.  We expect our students to follow safety rules when using technology and will continue to enforce those rules. Ultimately, our combined efforts will help students to be better prepared for the digital world they encounter every day. 

Raising a “wired child” is often a challenge as they experience different forms of social interactions.  At Merton Williams, we occasionally see instances of bullying, taunting and other socially unacceptable behaviors emerge through the use of technology.  While most of these occurrences happen outside the school day, they transfer into the school day with residual feelings and/or stress building up among children.  We work with students every day who have been made to feel sad, hurt or neglected by technological bullying. As your child has learned through various programs and resources in elementary and middle school, kindness and compassion are central to a happy life. 

Social networking includes social websites, instant messaging, gaming, blogging, web surfing, email, cell phone conversations and texting (through cell phones or free services on iPod Touch).  You can access a great deal of family friendly information and videos on www.netsmartz.org.  Once there, you can “Choose an Issue” by clicking on one of the above mentioned forms of social networking.  There, you will find statistics, tips, discussion starters, activities, videos and more. 

Working through these activities alongside your child, you will benefit from conversation around sometimes challenging topics.  Hopefully, this will allow you to understand your child's beliefs about social networking while also supporting an ongoing dialogue.  

We find Netsmartz to be a family friendly, up to date website sponsored by one of the most reputable organizations committed to keeping our children safe; The National Center for Missing andExploited Children.