Squishy Circuits

On NPR's Science Friday yesterday, an engineering professor talked about her research lab that primarily exists around the concepts of play- for her students as well as in the ideas they share so children can experience scientific concepts.  She asked her students to determine which play dough recipes (they used crafty kid books, etc...) would work to conduct electricity, act as insulators, etc... Her rationale was to support her own young children who were not even two years old at the time.  As a result, they have developed an idea called "squishy circuits."  This would be an awesome learning experience at home.   

The best part? She shares the recipes and concepts- you don't have to buy a book or kit or anything.  We've all made play dough for class or home at one point time, these recipes are the common, simple recipes we've used! This engineer says children of all ages can learn and experiment with circuits in this fashion.  

If your kiddo gives this a try, I would love to see and post photos of them with their circuits!  Email them!  

NPR interview, circuit diagrams and Ted talk: 


Welcome Back!

Welcome back to school!  How is your family doing with getting back into the routine?  The kids and I are a little more tired than usual, hoping that next week bedtimes, after school routines, etc... all return to normal.  

I hope your summer was a time of family, friends, fireflies and maybe even a few campfires.  It is such a wonderful opportunity to be able to change pace for a couple months, to reconnect with the kids without constantly being on the go," (although this summer, i felt we were always going somewhere!) and to find time to move a little more slowly, spend time outside a little longer and enjoy the pace.  

The routines inside school are back and humming as if we never left.  Students have adjusted to their new rooms, reunited with old friends, found last year's teachers for a hello or hug and are on their way to a great year of growing and learning.  


Summer Construction at Village Elementary

Welcome back!  I hope you notice the fresh new look of our school with new windows roof and flooring in some areas.  Please know that all asbestos abatement work has been completed and the building has been deemed safe for staff and students to return.  We are eager to use our new areas and look forward to sharing them with you when you visit.


Summer Construction at Village Elementary

This summer, our school has been fortunate to have some needed construction projects under way.  You will soon notice new windows, a new roof and a new floor in the JU cafeteria.  These projects were all part of our District's capital project.  As the school year draws near, the construction is moving into final phases.  In about a week, while some small construction work will continue, the state of our parking lots, sidewalks and hallways will be clear and ready for the students and staff to return.  I look forward to seeing many of you at visitation day on Wednesday, August 27th.  

Please bring your family photo to hang that day, if you would like.  


News from Food Services

**If you are visiting school and are PURCHASING LUNCH FOR YOURSELF OR A NON-STUDENT, you will be charged a la cart prices for your meal.  


From the Scott Ziobrowski, Director of Food Services...

Changes in procedure for VE Lunches:
Starting in September 2014-2015, there will no longer be snack lines at HJ and JU cafeterias. Instead, snacks will be available on the normal lunch line for children to purchase at the same time they get their meals. If you should have any concerns or questions, please contact Scott Ziobrowski @ 392-1000 x2152.  Have a great summer!!!!!

Menu and Food Service Information