Accept or Avoid: Do we have a choice about social media?

While attending an MYP conference this past weekend, I was re-introduced to the video I have shared below.  While I had seen previous iterations of the embedded social media statistics, I was surprised to see just how far they had evolved since the first video was developed four years ago.  

The rapid growth of the technology industry coupled with our children's desire to stay constantly connected with their peers, their favorite celebrities, their favorite teams, their teachers, their families, etc... is changing the way children interact with their world. The Global Citizen Network describes their philosophy as: 
The peoples of the world are one people, enriched by individual differences, united by the common bond of humanity.  
What does this mean for Village Elementary?  In my mind, I believe we have a commitment to helping our children and one another embrace the capabilities of social media, beyond just connections with people we know or look up to.  I believe we can support our children and friends in finding ways to connect, grow and learn alongside those who we may never meet, those who have beliefs and values that are different from our own.  

With your permission and encouragement, just how far can your child reach?  What will they learn? Will their life be enriched by embracing the differences and commonalities of those around their world? Will they find a new passion?  Will they start a path of inquiry and service that will lead them to make a positive difference in the community?  To leave the world better for the work they have done? 


It's our last night of reading for this year's One School, One Book

What did your family think about Champ?  Leave a comment here or on the OSOB blog.  Does your family have a suggestion for our next OSOB?  Tell us!  



Helping children to foster a "don't give up" attitude can be a challenge - especially if the set-back or situation feels overwhelming to them.  Developing grit and maintaining a growth mindset is an important asset for children to develop into adults who stick with it and persevere.  

I cam across this article in last month's Better Homes and Gardens column entitled "the good kid project."  Check it out. 

the good kid project: PERSEVERANCE Talking Points 



Family Traditions Wall

Thank you for your awesome support of our family wall that has been on display for September and October!  After such a wonderful response for the family wall, I invite you to participate in our next project: Family Traditions.  

We all have traditions. Supporting our students in becoming global citizens means helping them have an open mind and a willingness to learn about and respect different cultures, traditions, backgrounds and beliefs. 

If you would like your family to be included in our Family Traditions Wall, please return the attached sheet so we may put it on display.  

Siblings may return one sheet for their family or a separate sheet for each child.

You may return the sheet to the main office  or email it to gpalmer@hilton.k12.ny.us.

Click here to download the sheet: 
Family Traditions Sheet