27 June 2016

celebrate, support, and challenge

MW Kiddos - Remember, it may be summer, but, you are still growing and learning every day!  Be sure to surround yourself with people who will celebrate, support, and challenge you! 

13 June 2016

Calling All Travelers!!!!!!

As an IB District we LOVE to hear, learn and experience new places, cultures, and perspectives.  This starts right outside of our schools and extends ANYWHERE in the World!

So this is where YOU come in…if your family is traveling this summer and finds something that you think would be interesting to share with our students, we would LOVE for you to bring it our way.  This may be a book that could go in our library, an interesting item that represents a different culture or perspective, or even a mysterious object for us to inquire about in our classrooms.

Be creative and have fun with this challenge.  You can even put your kids in charge of this mission. We can’t wait for the learning to continue and thank you in advance for your support of IB and how it is making a difference for our students each day. 

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03 June 2016

Where to find information about school

Looking for an easy way to The following links take you to commonly asked for information.  

These links are also available at the top of this blog. Feel free to bookmark or follow the following links.  

Principal's Blog: tracieczebatol.blogspot.com

Daily Announcements: MW Daily Announcements Link

Code of Conduct: Code of Conduct Link

Lunch Menu: Food Service Webpage

Athletic Department (seasons, schedules, paperwork): Athletic Department Link

Please RSVP by Tuesday, June 14, 2106.

Mrs. Boccuzzi-Reichert – aboccuzzi@ga.hiltoncsd.net

Mrs. Pizzo – jpizzo@ga.hiltoncsd.net

Health Office News

If your child has medication here at school in the health office it will need to be picked up by a parent by June 22nd.  

The last full day of classes for 7th graders is June 20th and for 8th graders June 17th.  

The health office is open 7:00 am-2:30 pm.  Please do not ask your child to bring it home with them, as a parent is needed to transport it.  Any medication that is not picked up by the end of the school year will be properly disposed of.  Any questions please call the health office at 392-1000 ext.3193

Sport recert forms can be picked up in the health office till the end of the school year.  During the summer months they can be picked up in the main office. 

01 June 2016

As you know, our school was recently re-designated as an Essential Elements: School to Watch.  In an effort to celebrate and recognize the students and staff for the amazing things they do every day that allows us to have this designation, we celebrated with fresh, hot doughnuts compliments of student council.  Thank YOU for all that you do to send your children in ready to go every day!

 The program, adopted in 2004, and entitled the Essential Elements: Schools-to-Watch Program (EE:STW) focuses on school improvement and recognition.  EE:STW recognizes schools that demonstrate continuous improvement and excel in the following four domains; academic excellence, developmental responsiveness, social equity, and organizational structure. ~EE:STW Website

17 May 2016

Parenting: 5 ways to help your kids

I really enjoyed this article in today's Democrat & Chronicle about raising successful kiddos by not enabling them, not spoiling them, and not catching them every time they make a mistake.  As a parent, it is so easy to get caught up in watching their every move and trying to prep them for the next step, next day, whatever... It is a good reminder that our kids are much better off when we empower them to do things for themselves and encourage them to earn things rather than just receiving them.  

12 May 2016

What is an IB education?


Hilton School District Seeking a Host for One Chinese Language Teacher

Hilton, NY - During the 2016-2017 school-year the Hilton School District will be participating in the Chinese Guest Teacher Program through the Confucius Institute at the University of Massachusetts Boston. A teacher from the institute  will be spending the school-year in the Hilton School District teaching Mandarin at Hilton High School. Students will have the opportunity to take the .5 credit elective course during study hall time in the fall and spring semesters.

The district is currently seeking a host to provide housing, transportation and sight-seeing opportunities for this guest teacher from September 1, 2016- June 30, 2017. The host family would need to provide a separate bedroom and bath, in-home laundry access and a kitchen facility. An in-law apartment situation works best. Transportation to and from school, shopping, etc. would also need to be provided if the housing is not located on a bus line. The Institute will pay a stipend of $750 each month to the host families.

Community mentors are also needed to show the guest teachers local sights. Community mentors do not have to be the person or family providing the housing.

For more information, please contact Dr. Barbara Surash at 392-1000, ext. 6062 or email bsurash@hilton.k12.

10 May 2016

Lost Items

Please check out these lost and found items at our school.  If you are missing something or if any of these items look familiar, please stop in to take them home.  

02 May 2016

Celebrating Our Students!

Kurt Thelen performed the roles of the sheep (puppeteer/voice) and the farmhand, Lurvy in the production of CHARLOTTE'S WEB.  It was performed  through the The Rochester Association for the Performing Arts as part of the RAPA Family Theatre Series for two weekends in April 2016. He had the privilege of touring with the show on April 29 to the Bristol Valley Theatre in Naples, NY. Elementary schools from the Naples area attended the two performances.  It was well-received and a shared learning-experience for everyone involved.

28 April 2016

What is the IB Learner Profile?


Your Kids are AWESOME!

Attention Families: 

Has your kiddo done something that is awesome or noteworthy?  We would love to share your child's outside accomplishments in school as well as on this blog, twitter, etc...   Please email the awesome things your child is doing outside school so we may share in the excitement! Please include a photo, as well! 

email: tczebatol@hilton.k12.ny.us


  • accomplishments in scouts or other community groups 
  • sports team pride 
  • community service work 
  • service to others 
  • exciting travel opportunities 
  • being selected to outside music or sports groups 
  • teaching, guiding or leading younger children 

11 April 2016

Ignite Your Passion for Math

An on-campus summer math experience for girls entering eighth grade. This year's SMASH event will be July 18-22, 2016 at RIT.