12 January 2018


Due to the forecast for icy conditions and accumulating snow, after school and evening activities in the Hilton Central School District are cancelled for Friday, January 12.

All activities scheduled for Saturday, January 13 are also cancelled and district buildings will be closed.

03 January 2018

Daily Announcements

Announcements 1/16/18

There are only two weeks left to VOTE for MERTON WILLIAMS!  Please vote every day!
Broadway Babies there is rehearsal on Wednesday and Friday this week.
If you had a solo audition scheduled for last Friday, please see Mrs. Randolph to reschedule.
Jazz Ensemble there is rehearsal on Wednesday and Thursday this week.

5 Buy Five Charity Art Show

Our annual 5 Buy Five Charity Art Show is Thursday evening, February 15, from 6-7:30. We will have refreshments, live music, and of course, wonderful art! 

Each 5x5 piece will be on sale for $5.00. ALL proceeds will benefit Merton Williams’ continued support for the Ugandan Water Project, helping to provide clean water to people in need around the world. The artwork will be on view, and continue to be available for purchase, until March 16th. 

For more information, please feel free to contact Mr. Smith or Ms. Salatino.

02 January 2018

Project Fit America - FINALIST - Please Vote!




*                      VOTE DAILY FOR MERTON WILLIAMS! 

STARTS: JANUARY 5TH  -  31ST  2018

VOTE @  

             USE HASHTAG #DanimalsBTS contest in your posts







HILTON, NY 14468

Announcements 1/2/18

Announcements 1/2/18
 A shout out to Lexa Polito for her donations towards making an impact for others.
THANK YOU to each and every student and staff member who took the time to understand and show compassion for others.
Broadway Babies: There is rehearsal on Friday this week.
Solo auditions for Broadway Show Night start on Thursday this week.

NYM rehearsals will resume on Monday, January 8th. This is the last chance for new members.

22 December 2017

Wow! You are amazing!

Dear Merton Williams Families, 

Thank you for your donations of food, drinks, candy and TIME to make our first ever school-wide breakfast a success!  The students enjoyed the delicious treats as they mingled and connected with their friends before winter recess.  Your support and contributions mean the world to all of us.  Thank you for being awesome! 

Merton Williams Middle School Staff 

Service Learning in the Spotlight

Does your child perform service to others outside the school day?  
Please share so we may spotlight them! 

19 December 2017

Service Learning in the Spotlight

Does your child perform service to others outside the school day?  
Please share so we may spotlight them! 

13 December 2017

School Wide Breakfast for Students on December 22nd

Attention Families of Merton Williams Students 

Our students will enjoy a school-wide breakfast on our annual Service Learning Celebration Day next Friday! We are providing the students with an additional twenty minutes of time to eat breakfast and connect with friends in the morning.  

We cannot do it alone.  We would be very grateful if you are able to donate a breakfast item or supply to your child's team or donate time to help serve the breakfast.  

If you are able to help, please join us by sharing what you will contribute through the Sign-Up Genius link below.  

Your support and contributions build our home-school partnership.  We are grateful for everything you do with and for us.  

We look forward to seeing many of you next week.  

Donations may be dropped off anytime next week! 

06 December 2017

Dear Parents of 8th graders,

Last week, your children had their first introduction to Hilton High School.  The MW counselors, in conjunction with the HS counselors, presented information about HS planning, graduation requirements, and diploma options.  Also, a large focus was geared toward promoting all students to get involved in extra-curricular activities.

The students’ task between now and December 22, 2017 is to choose the electives they would like to take freshman year.  The students have access to all the information they need, but we are sending it to you as well in the attached documents.

Please help your child choose their electives and 2-3 alternates.

If you would like to learn more we encourage you to attend Academic Planning Night on December 11, 2017 at the high school.

If you have any questions please contact your child’s school counselor.


Kristen Pignagrande and Beth Letters

8th Grade Counselors

15 November 2017

We are looking for 1-2 parents or guardians to sit on our budget committee.  If you are interested in participating, please email me tczebatol@hilton.k12.ny.us.

Our committee meets after school at 2:25 pm. 

Thank you

14 November 2017

From the MW Nurse

Per state regulations, a physical dated within a year for 7th graders and new students must be on file with the health office.  If you have not done so already, please drop current physicals off to Merton Williams or fax to 392-1054.  If a current physical is not on file by December, health assessments will be done by the school doctor.  Health assessments for boys are scheduled for  December 7th and girls are scheduled for  December 14th.

13 November 2017

First Quarter Report Cards

Our first quarter report cards will be available online through the Infinite Campus Parent Portal beginning this Friday, November 17, 2017. 

For support or assistance in logging into the Parent Portal, please click here

07 November 2017

Dear Parents,

Our District is dedicated to creating students that are caring individuals. One way to achieve this goal is to get every student involved in service learning. Through the Ugandan Water Project, students will be selling water bottles to raise money for the victims in Puerto Rico caused by the damage from Hurricane Maria.

Many of us think that the worst is over for the people of Puerto Rico after they were struck by Hurricane Maria. But the truth is that the residents of this island have a long road ahead of them on their way back to normalcy. The biggest need on the island right now is access to safe water. That’s where our service learning steps in. We will raise money to buy water filters that will be shipped to Puerto Rico for survivors to get clean water. 

Students will be selling water bottles for $5 and $7 a piece. They will bring the order form home on Monday, November 20, 2017.  The fundraiser will run until Friday, December 22, 2017.  Please collect money upfront. Make checks payable to Merton Williams Middle School. Donations will also be accepted. 

Our efforts with service learning will continue to focus on the issue of water.  As our students continue to learn about the issues around lack of clean water, water scarcity, too much water, and water conservation, our awareness raising and fundraising efforts will continue.  

Thank you for your support.  

Service Learning Team

What: Fundraiser 
Why: To raise funds to send water filters to those in need of clean water 
Cost: $5 / $7 per water bottle
Goal: 100 Water filters through the sale of 1,500 water bottles
Fundraiser Start Date: Monday, 11/20/17
Fundraiser End Date: Friday,  December 22, 2017 

01 November 2017

MW Picture Re-Take Date

Please be advised that the date listed on the district calendar for Merton Williams school picture re-take is incorrect. The date of picture re-take is Wednesday, November 8th.

26 October 2017

Half Day Schedule for Tuesday, October 31st

Students will follow an "I Day" schedule on Tuesday, October 31st. Please refer to the modified schedule below for set times and dismissal.

Tuesday, October 31 (I Day)

1st Set- 7:25-8:01 (36 min)
2nd Set- 8:04-8:40 (36 min)
3rd set- 8:43-9:19 (36 min)
4th Set- 9:22-9:58 (36 min)
SOTM- 10:00-10:20 (20 min)

10:20- Dismissal 

19 October 2017

Would you like to read with our students?

Mrs. Pizzo and Ms. McCormick are looking for parent volunteers to read one-on-one with 7th and 8th grade struggling readers during the school week, beginning November 13.  Volunteers are needed for 15-60 minutes a day, any day of the week. You do not have to volunteer for a particular team and any assistance is welcome!  If you have additional questions, please contact Ms. McCormick at mmccormick@hilton.k12.ny.us


05 October 2017

Please Tell Us what You Think

Thank you for attending the open house last night!  It was a great evening filled with connections, conversations, information gathering, and excitement.  Please leave feedback in the comment space below so we can continue to grow and meet the needs of our families during the open house.  

Feel free to share what worked, what you enjoyed, what was helpful, and any other comments or questions that will help guide us as we continue our future open house evenings.  

If you were not able to attend the open house, and have questions, please contact your child's team leader or specific teacher directly by email.  

02 October 2017

8th Grade Trip Update

Parents and Guardians,

Thank you to all who made their 1st deposit for the Washington, DC trip of $250 last week.  We would like to remind you that the next payment of $250 is due November 17th.   You child needs to have $500 in payments OR fundraising credits in their account by November 17th in order for us to make a reservation.  If you are experiencing financial difficulty, please let us know so that we can work with you.

Parents interested in CHAPERONING-  You must attend ONE parent chaperone meeting in order to receive an application and be considered.  The meetings will be held in the MW library on the following dates:

October 24th at 7pm
October 25th at 2:15pm
October 26th at 7:25am

If you have any questions, please contact:

Mrs. Boccuzzi-Reichert at aboccuzzi@hilton.k12.ny.us
Mrs. Grego at cgrego@hilton.k12.ny.us

28 September 2017

School Pictures

This is a reminder that school pictures will be taken on Friday, September 29th for students with  physical education classes on an "I" day and anyone who did not have their picture taken last Friday.
Flyers have been distributed to students.  Extra order forms are available in the main office.  If you would like to order on-line, you may do so until Monday.  Please see the information below.

Here are some clothing suggestions for your son or daughter's school pictures;
·  Because we are photographing Green Screen, we don't recommend that your child wears green clothing.
·  Help your child select colors that look great on them. 
·  Select colors that compliment the background that you have selected.
·  Avoid busy patterns, large text or large logos on the clothing.
·  Long sleeves and neutral tones work best.
·  Choose accessories that enhance, not distract.

Online ordering will be available for photos taken on 9/22 and 9/29 until midnight 10/2

Please feel free to contact the studio with any questions you may have Christine@keepsakephotography.com

11 September 2017

Change in School Picture Dates

School pictures will be taken on Friday, September 22nd and Friday, September 29 during physical education classes.  Flyers will be distributed to students today.  These dates are different than what is on the school calendar. Please contact the main office with any questions.

07 September 2017

At Merton Williams Middle School, we believe that homework holds educational value and benefits students as they further explore concepts and classroom learning.  The HCSD Board of Education recently updated the Homework Policy.  Please take a moment to review it.  If you have questions about the policy or practices at Merton Williams, please reach out to your child's teacher, counseor or administration.  We are happy to work with you to explain how we aim to meet the best practices for our students.  

Adoption Date: 2/24/2004, Revised: 6/27/2017 
8000 - Instruction

8441 Homework

The Board of Education of the Hilton Central School District acknowledges the educational value of homework as an adjunct to and the extension of the instructional program of our schools. High quality homework provides the opportunity for students to receive feedback and for teachers to inform their instruction.  This allows for ongoing assessment of student progress towards meeting learning standards.
Homework benefits students by reinforcing concepts, extending learning, and reflecting learning. Regular completion of homework assignments by students influences the development of habits of mind, time management, and organization skills.  When creating homework assignment teachers plan opportunities for students to be successful through equal access to resources, appropriate modifications, and flexibility as needed.
The following principles are to be observed:
  • Homework is important to learning and to developing good work habits.
  • Homework is a reflection of the student's learning.
  • Homework should primarily focus on the practice or extension of skills already learned.
  • Homework is relevant to the learning objectives.
  • Homework is differentiated so that the student can do it independently.
  • Homework feedback is timely so that it can inform instruction and assist the student in his/her next step.
  • Homework should never be used as a punishment.
  • The instructional purpose of each homework assignment is defined by the teacher.
  • Materials that support the acquisition of new skills or information must be at a level that students are able to comprehend independently.
  • Homework is not a daily expectation and is considered carefully by the teacher when assigned.
  • Considerations include:
o    Age/grade level
o    Developmental ability
o    Subject/course
o    Product/process
o    Long-term assignments
  • In general, homework should not exceed in total ten minutes per grade level per night. For example, a fifth grade student should have no more than 50 minutes nightly; a tenth grade student should have no more than 100 minutes.
  • The benefits gained from reading outside of the school are compelling. Reading for pleasure outside of school should be encouraged. Assigned reading outside of school is considered homework.

  • Teachers assign homework that students can complete independently.
  • Student are able work on the homework independently and complete homework in a timely manner.
  • Parents/Guardians assume the role of the facilitator. 
  • Parents/Guardians provide a place at home for students to do homework.
  • Parents/Guardians and/or students communicate to teacher(s) when students need additional homework support.