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All County Musicians

Congratulations to the Village Elementary students who participated in the 2015 Monroe County All County Festival!  It was an exciting weekend filled with friendship, fun and of course, MUSIC!  

Village Elementary All County Chorus 

Village Elementary All County Band 


Thinking Games

Between school, errands, and activities, families spend a lot of time on the go.  While on the go, try out some “thinking games."

I taught my kids a game my parents use to play with me, called “Would You Rather?”. I offer two options and ask which they prefer and why. For example, I might say, “Would you rather lie near the beach or the mountains?” My son came up with a game he named “Three Favorites”. Someone picks a category (outfits, movies), and we all tell our top three choices. My daughter thought of “What Doesn't Belong?” We take turns naming items and asking the others to explain which is the odd one out, and why. The kids especially like this game because there can be more than one “right” answer. For example when I named “owl”, “ostrich”, and “eagle”, my daughter said “Ostrich, because it can’t fly.” My son’s answer was “Owl, because it hunts at night”.

Now they want to play all the time. I’m glad because we’re having fun – and they've gotten better at thinking through their ideas.

From: A parent in Parent Power Newsletter